Physics says that heat is stratified upwards. Consequently, the higher up inside a pizza oven, the higher the temperature. Thanks to Marana Forni’s patented SU&GIU® oven, you can manually or automatically (using the Evolution® Console) adjust the height of the pizza oven’s cooking surface. The oven with cooking surface lift offers enormous advantages:


Optimise cooking by exploiting different heights

Whenever required by work times and the type of cooking, or when the flame is not ideal, you can adjust the height of the pizza oven’s cooking surface to achieve an excellent product while always maintaining the same cooking times – a fundamental requirement for constant quality.


Cooking surface heating

The rotary hob, raised closer to the dome, is surrounded by the flame; this ensures 200 °C more heat

and 700 °C of flame irradiation in contact with the cooking surface. In this way, the pizza oven’s

cooking surface is heated optimally and uniformly, without loss of time and without additional costs for other sources of heat.


Fuel savings

When work is quiet, it is pointless to burn fuel to keep the ENTIRE the pizza oven at an optimal temperature: you can use the cooking surface lifting system to cook pizzas closer to the dome where the temperature is higher.