GENIUS Fast Casual

Rotating Pizza Oven


GENIUS is the rotating pizza oven taking care of the baking quality of your pizzas, in precisely one turn of the cooking deck completely automatically.

Marana Forni, the inventor of the Rotating deck pizza oven, has designed GENIUS which is both highly innovative and technologically advanced. The choice of materials is meticulous and it is constructed in Italy to the highest standards

GENIUS was born to optimize the baking quality of your pizzas and to simplify daily life, increasing production capacity and saving time and money.


How does it work ?

Genius: your tireless pizzaiolo, efficient and accurate!

GENIUS cooks the pizza completely automatically, no help or assistance is needed. GENIUS heart has algorithms correlating the four basic values to cook the pizza, i.e. the temperature of the oven, the height of flame, the temperature of the cooking deck and the cooking time. GENIUS alwaysknows what to do to give you the best result.

Genius: your personal pizzaiolo.

The secret for a perfect cooking

fast casual valori fondamentali


Correct dough preparation and choice of toppings goes a long way in ensuring you get the best Pizza. Leaving the cooking of the pizza to chance can eradicate all your hard work.


The temperature of the oven, the temperature of the cooking deck, the height of flame and the time are the parameters that affect the cooking of the pizza and the dough condition – see the image. GENIUS Fast Casual knows when and how to cook the pizzas choosing the flame, the time, the temperature meaning the oven bakes the pizza completely automatically, without the need for operator intervention.


GENIUS rotating oven is fitted with intelligence. Thanks to studies and practical experience Marana Forni has created the algorithms which are the heart of the oven correlating the four basic values to cook the pizza: Cooking Time, Cooking Deck Temperature, Oven Temperature and Cooking Flame height.


of the correlation and modulation among those four elements are: a simple management of the oven, an increased production capacity, labor cost savings, a consistent quality and a perfect pizza every time

Who cooks the pizza?

GENIUS Rotating oven!!!

You concentrate on the quality of the ingredients and the training of the staff putting the
pizza in the oven and taking it out. GENIUS Fast Casual can cook all types of pizzas in one
turn of the rotating deck leaving you more time to take care of your customers.

With the Genius rotating oven you can cook any type of pizza

Production of Genius Fast-Casual Rotating Oven

Production capacity is dictated by three factors:

Pizza diameter  -  Cooking time -  Oven capacity

Choose the cooking time and the diameter of your pizza and find out your hourly production


Cooking in one turn of the rotating deck

Any oven operator can bake the desired pizza, time after time, without any traditional pizzaiolo knowledge.

Every pizza cooks perfectly every time

Staff can be easily trained and there is no need for a skilled operator.

GENIUS Fast Casual is not a simple oven but an intelligent system designed by Marana Forni to cook in autonomy and without the need for operator intervention

GENIUS automatically maintains the best temperature inside the oven allowing lower power supply consumption

Marana rotating deck and GENIUS technology ensures a higher production of pizzas per hour