Compliant products from production to commissioning – for our certified quality worldwide!


All Marana® Forni products have the CE mark, which means that products comply with all related EU dispositions. From design to manufacture, marketing and distribution, from commissioning to end-of-life disposal, the CE mark governs the entire life cycle of the product from the moment it is launched on the market.

The cCSAus mark is applicable for equipment with electrical and gas systems destined for the US and Canadian markets. Marana Forni has invested energy, time and money to receive this important certification mark, taking great care to uphold the functionality of its internationally renowned ovens.


CSA regulations mean that Marana’s headquarters in Via Turbina, Verona, are inspected four times every year with quarterly deadlines to check products and safeguard the trademark.

The NSF International (National Sanitation Foundation) governs certification standards and programs concerning public health, the environment and safety and is applicable to materials and coatings used in the manufacture of systems intended for contact with food. Marana Forni has also obtained this mark (relating to Official Listing models), thereby ensuring that its customers use ovens that comply with the requirements defined by local authorities. The NSF carries out one inspection visit every year to our premises in Via Turbina, Verona, to check products and safeguard the trademark.