Rotation in a pizza oven ensures that the cooking surface is hot in all points. Pizzas no longer have to be turned manually, pizzas are baked evenly and inserting/removing pizzas is easier.

SU&GIU is a system for cooking pizzas at intermediate levels that helps you find the most suitable cooking heat for your pizzas. SU&GIU also ensures rapid heating of the cooking surface.

TURBO is another system that helps maintain the cooking surface at the right temperature thanks to the embers, charcoal or gas flame positioned underneath the cooking surface itself.

One of the two is the safety belt, the other is the airbag. You can have one without the other but they ensure the utmost when used together. Both systems are used to keep the cooking surface hot and complement each another. In addition, the SU&GIU system allows pizzas to be cooked at intermediate levels at the most suitable temperature for perfect, uncompromising results.

The stone used in Marana ovens is a special high density refractory material (about 40% heavier than conventional versions). This ensures better accumulation of heat and much higher resistance to the abrasion caused by pizza shovels on the cooking surface than for standard refractory materials.

It allows pizzas to expel cooking moisture and deposit excess flour for a better, cleaner and more fragrant cooking.

Pellet are small cylinders of compressed wood with low moisture content. Consequently, there is very little smoke and soot despite pellets being prepared from wood in all respects. Wooden pellets are stored in bags so they are clean and easy to store. Thanks to a control console, the pellet flame is always constant.

They are systems designed to convert your Marana rotary oven at any time. For example, if you purchased a traditional wood oven and would like to convert it to pellets or gas, or vice versa, you can do so without having to change the entire structure of the oven. Or even if you buy it without the SU&GIU system and then want to add it in the future, as well as many other combinations. Marana pizza ovens boast lifespans of several decades, so the pre-settings mean they are always ready to adapt to changing needs.

Combinations in terms of shape and colour are varied and constantly evolving. Contact us.

It is the back-up control panel that allows the cooking surface to be rotated in the event that work is performed on the main one. It can be replaced in twenty seconds without needing tools.

If the electricity supply is cut off, Marana pizza ovens can be used exactly like traditional ovens.

Marana pizza ovens boast straightforward construction and each part can be replaced by anyone with a minimum of manual skills. If you have any questions or doubts, you can contact our helpline number or your area dealer.

Pizza cooking time in Marana ovens is the same as for any other conventional oven baked on stone with flame. Nevertheless, Marana pizza ovens are more productive. Have you already realised why?

Yes, although normally this is not necessary. Simply press a button.

Our head office has specific facilities for such tests. Alternatively, contact us for a test site closer to you.