“Pellets” are ovular cylinders of wood sawdust compressed without any bonding agent.

Using a pellet-fired oven to all intents and purposes is the same as using wood – renowned as the traditional, oldest and most natural cooking system. A pellet-fired pizza oven, when using a suitable burner, produces very little smoke and soot; since the humidity percentage is very low (6%-8%), they ensure a calorie yield higher than conventional wood.

The light shining inside the oven is sunny and the image of your pizzeria is the same as for a wood-fired oven.

Pellets, like gas combustion, ensure easy flame management with the difference of providing the typical result of a wood oven.

The pellet-fired oven cooking system (MaranaForni patent) envisages a computer controlled burner (FIRE STEP CONTROL®) used to manage and adjust the flame by selecting the irradiation and temperature most suited to required cooking.

Manual insertion of wood is eliminated and replaced by loading the product when starting the pellet-fired oven and in the event of prolonged work during the day.

The burner does all this automatically, dosing the pellets needed for the required flame – so you only burn what is needed. There are many advantages in using a pellet-fired oven: flame and irradiation are identical to wood, while the fuel loading procedure is entirely automatic. In particular, the pizza chef never has to touch the pellets, thereby perfectly observing HACCP regulations.

Pellets are supplied in bags: this means that the bags can be stored everywhere in very little space and without dirtying the storage area.

Pellet-fired models

85 95 110 130 150
Rotoforno pallino pallino pallino
Rotoforno Su&Giu pallino pallino pallino

* measurements in cm



* On request of installation technicians, we can provide the fume study conducted by IMQ based on the DIN 18891 standard